Two weeks ago, I got a call from two students (Nicky and Benny) who are studying MA’s in Material Futures at London’s Central Saint Martins University. They wanted help with their final year projects. Initially it was hard to get my head round the kind of photoshoot they were after, but they sent me a mood board and I was instantly hooked. It was full of colours, really vibrant hues and shades, and most of all it was really quirky! I’ve wanted to do something like this for such a long time. So there I was, I couldn’t let anyone else grab this opportunity. What I probably wasn’t expecting one of the longest working days of my life!

I contacted a studio I work closely with in Clapham. I managed to get Nicky and Benny a 20% discount but the Saturday rate is sadly usually higher. They decided to not hire the studio but instead, Nicky turned his living room into a studio for the day. Why not!

Batteries charged, flashes are working, background’s packed; everything checked on Friday night. Despite the fact that I had some work commissioned by Claremont Communications PR agency on the day, I was so looking forward to the shoot, I was so energised and couldn’t wait for Saturday’s morning.

The images from the shoot are now up on my website, you will be able to see them on the front page (click this). Now I’ll try to give everyone a look behind the scenes.

Behind-the-scene-NB-1Behind the scene N&B 6

Without access to a full photographic studio, we were a bit limited to what we could achieve. Luckily, Central Saint Martins was generous enough to give us some background paper. However, the paper they gave us was too short; we couldn’t really make it work hanging up so we decided to cut them into two smaller pieces, one to cover the table and one taped to the Lastolite collapsible background.

I set up two lights, one tilted at about 60­­­­­­° angle above the object/model on the right. One tilted at 20° angle on the left, slightly lower than the other. I also added a silver reflector where needed in some of the shots to get some detail for the shadow. The picture above shows me testing out the lights.

Behind the scene N&B 2Behind the scene N&B 3Behind the scene N&B 4Some more behind the scene photos

Nicky’s shoot was longer lasting from about 11am to about 7pm. We decided to keep the set up from the first shoot as it was getting quite late and Benny wanted to get her products photographed quickly without too much hassle. Anyway, I’ll wrap this up with a few more photos from Benny’s shoot. If you’d like to see the finished photos, take a look on my home page.

Behind the scene N&B 5Behind the scene N&B 8Behind the scene N&B 7