A lot of creative people understand the ideas behind getting out and practicing your craft when things just aren’t going right. Whether you’re a photographer, writer or an artist, doing the thing that you love most in the world, even when you are having a creative block, can really help the grey clouds of life pass over you.

There are many writers that have gone on record stating that when they have writer’s block, they write about having writer’s block. This is exactly the same as a landscape photographer taking their camera out for a macro session. It allows you to fall in love with your passion once again, blow off some steam and reminds you to have fun, even in the most difficult of times.

I feel that actually, in these darkest of times, we can create some of our best work. The pressures that we put upon ourselves in the good times may cause the dark ones and when the pressure is off, we can simply create and fall in love with our passion once again. Just allowing yourself to let go and be in the moment when taking a photo allows you to actually capture the moment.

Some of the best photos in the world draw you into the image and allow you to feel what everyone was feeling at the moment the shutter button was released. It allows you to feel the emotions that the photographer felt at the time of taking the photo, the joy, the fear, the sadness, everything leaks out of the photo into your eyes and fills your soul. This is most likely to do with the photographer living in the moment and not letting the stresses of life get in the way of the photo. Even in the most rushed circumstances, a great photo never looks rushed because the photographer is just going with the flow.

Using photography to express your emotions is a wonderful skill. It is an art form in itself, it allows the viewer to peer through your soul and see the world through your eyes. We are all in search of a photo like this and putting this stress on ourselves may mean we never find it. Most of the worlds most beautiful photography is taken when the photographer sits back and reflects on their time in a particular place. That read more at one photo can then represent every emotion they felt during their time in that place.

What is quite beautiful about a photo like this is that nothing can be hidden. That is why photography is such an important and incredible art form! Just like the artist’s greatest masterpiece, your soul appears on the print as if the shutter sucked it through when it sucked in the light and left it on the photo for the world to see!

The only downside to searching for your masterpiece is that you may never find that defining moment. You may be so worried about finding your masterpiece that the image passes you by. It is best to sit back, relax and wait for your masterpiece to find you.